Habiba. 21. Toronto. Muslim.

Please pray for all the innocent people there. Even little kids between the age of 2-10 years have been injured.
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Haha god….ummm im loyal to the people I love. Im very determined when my mind is set on something. Im hard working. Im funny (at least I think I am lol). Im a homebody, hate going out.

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— the only saying on earth that has the power to make you step back and take a good look at what you gained, and not what you lost. (via ninjabfro)

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Lake Retba in Senegal
The bizarre colour is caused by high levels of salt - with some areas containing up to 40% of the condiment.
Michael Danson, an expert in extremophile bacteria from Bath University, said: “The strawberry colour is produced by salt-loving organism Dunaliella salina.
“They produce a red pigment that absorbs and uses the energy of sunlight to create more energy, turning the water pink.
“Lakes like Retba and the Dead Sea, which have high salt concentrations, were once thought to be incompatible with life - hence the names. But they are very much alive.”

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